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How Much Does Vegetable Cold Storage Cost?
Dec 07, 2017

    How much does Vegetable cold storage cost?

    Many customers ask this question to HaoCool. We must know that it is not based on how much square meters a cold storage covers.  It can only get rough estimated cost by cubic meters. Generally speaking, the cubic meters larger, the unit cold storage cost less.


   Cost factors influencing vegetable cold storage

    1. the cold storage site selection. It shall be located in place with convenient transportation, and far away from living blocks, with good drain system and low underground water level  etc..

    2. Floor insulation: it can be formed by insulation panels and also can choose relatively cheaper XPS extrusion panel.

    3.  If same purpose of cold storage, the larger the less cost each cubic meter.

    4. Refrigeration brands. In the markets lots of brands having different price and quality. We choose the preferred brands with customers request or the most cost-effective agaist customer budget.

    5.  Different room separation. It also influence the refrigeration configuration and selection and the insulation panels configuration etc..

    6.  The cold storage standards. For example, the medical cold storage need GSP certification and are more costly than vegetable cold storage. 


    Above will let you know the cost configuration of cold storage. HaoCool suggest customers not only focusing on asking the cost. We can show you around the kind of your required cold storage on site, and know your requirements well and only by this can we make a more accurate quote for you and you know how your investiment is spent.

    And mostly important, HaoCool doesn`t charge for the earlier stage measure, design, solution presentation, quotation service. We`d like to keep good contact with all our potential customers and provide them professional design & build service timely and in budget when they need.

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