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Shinjang New SILK ROAD--HAOCOOL At 5th China-Euroasia Expo
Dec 13, 2017

     5th China Euroasia Expo was held at Urumqi, Xinjiang province where Haocool Xinjiang branch is located. This expo features agriculture, industry, scien-tech, mining, finance various fields. HaoCool Shinjang branch has brought customers and visitors a good platform for delivering our expertise on the lastest fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping technology, food low temperature processing technology, cold storage planning and solutions, cold chain logistics system configuration etc..

    As China usher in the silk road initiative, Shinjang has been the hotspot for asian and european investors.

    HaoCool is one of China`s only a few cold storage EPC contractor that can reach both East and West. HaoCool Shinjang branch has grown since establishment and through oneline and offline activities, we have held refrigeration tech support and seminars in cold storage and refrigeration sectors for Xinjiang area fruit and vegetable business and logistics alike. HaoCool Shinjang has partnered with ACCC agricultural products cold chain assocaiton to present shinjang best cold chain service.

    At this euro-asia expo, HaoCool also brings new fresh products cold chain solutions, cold chain logistics solutions etc. and solutions that specially suit Shinjang and whole Euroasia products after studying each characteristics, logisitics channels, selling model etc..

    The miniature for logistics cold chain facility has caught much attention.

    HaoCool will take the fast track of growth of Silk road countries and regions and provide better solutions of cold storage and refrigeration, and more open up and get involved in serving and building Shinjang and make contribution in a cool way.

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