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Second Institute Of Oceanography(SIO)low Temp.scientific Research Cold Storage
Dec 11, 2017

    second institute of oceanography(SIO)low temp.scientific research cold storage

    Project name: SIO oceanography cold storage

    Project overview: the SIO cold storage is 100 cubic meters, temperature is minus 20℃, mainly used to store ocean bio-biological reagents.

    1. cold storage insulation and cold room door all use PU panel with 0.8mm 304 stainless steel cover, which has good anti-corrosion, anti-aging, fire-retarding, poisn proof, nice-looking and durable characteristics.

    2. The refrigeration compressor, air cooler, expansion valve and electric control box system are all from Mitsubishi Japan. It has high running efficiency, stable running traits. All cold room refrigeration system is using one and sparing another set. So if any problem occurs, it will not influence the cold storage running. The units has comprehensive overload, overheating, running out of oil, over and lesser pressure alarm setting and protection abilities.

    3. control system will effect automatic defrost in set time range.(can also manually control in that time);  cold storage temperature sensor, control system; temperature and humidity gauge, to realize the realtime monitoring and display of temperature and humidity.

    SIO researchers and group leaders visit HaoCool

    Process flow of this SIO cold storage:

    Inquiry- cold storage onsite measuring- comparison of different design solutions-solutions modification- solutions confirmation- cold storage contract signed- pay advance payment- purchase cold storage equipment- equipment arrival -cold storage installation and commisioning and approval- after sales service of cold storage



    The cold storage has been approved and delivered for customer usage, and according to HaoCool after-sales team, it is running efficiently so far.

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