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How To Estimate The Cold Storage Building Cost?
Oct 31, 2017

How to estimate the cold storage building cost?

If customers need to have an estimate of how much it take to build a large cold storage, they must make it clear the usage and dimensions of the cold storage to be built, different cold room requirements has different design and solutions.

Now HaoCool team would like to introduce some of the major parameters taken into consideration before delivering cold room design solutions.

1.  the usage of cold storage: logistics distribution, on-line fresh retailer, food freezer, fruit and vegetable cool room, blast freezer, CA room etc..

2. the dimension of cold storage, will make reasonable partition as per customer needs.

3. design temperature

4. location,  indicating winter and summer temperatures.


the variant factors of cost for large cold storage

    1、vegetable fresh-keeping cool room installation area environment will decide the raw material selection and quantity.

    2、The thickness of insulation material, which decides  insulation effect. If not good insulation the maintenance cost will be higher.

    3、different size different cost, the bigger the higher cost as a whole and the less cost each cubic meter.

    4、Refrigeration equipment brands, which decides the quality of the cold room. HaoCool select international big brands for customers.

    5、Partition of cold rooms, which will influence the refrigeration selection and the quantity of insulation material etc..

6、special purpose cold storage, costs more than normal ones. For example: Controlled atmosphere cool room, explosion-proof cold room etc..

If you need to build your own please feel free to contact China leading cold storage EPC contractor HaoCool via trade@kvjv.com.


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