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HaoCool In Shanghai Modern Logistics Summit
Dec 20, 2017

    HaoCool team has participated in the 5th  biennial Shanghai Modern Logistics summit forum as member of Shanghai Cold chain association. HaoCool has been professional in design and build cold storage for logistics industries. Customers include Yamato, DTW logisitics,  Rokin CJ logistics, Xinhu Zhongbao, Shanghai QuanSheng logistics,Shanghai Xijiao Agricultural Product Trade Center , etc.

    This summit was held in the Shanghai Finace information center mansion yesterday with 500 attendees from logistics fields.


    Shanghai services federation Mr. Zhou yupeng and China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing Mr. He liming addressed the forum and introduced the logisitics information, government policies etc..

    Then the logistics and supply chain technical commite and shanghai cold chain alliance was set up to further promote the development of logistics industry.afterward the 2016 Shanghai Logistics Yearbook was released.

    At 10 o`clock, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce Ms. Liu Min deliverd keynote speech. Then it is the leading logistics companies and solution providers gave speech such as Tiandihui, ANE logistics.

    Then it went to the high end talks hosted by Mr. Mahong, guests include China Eastern Airlines Logistics, Shanghai Zhengming logistics, Xiamen SinoServices, Shanghai ANE Supply chain, Zhejiang damon technology group,  Guangzhou Folangsi forklift services.


    In the afternoon, the host was Mr. Zheng Fugui from Shanghai Logistics Entrepreneur Association cold chain sector. Sinoservices, Sunjex logistics,  Yilutongda Telematics information technology co.,ltd, Shanghai University logistics research center Prof. Zhu Xuejian, Guangzhou Folangsi had given keynote speeches and the last part was also the dialogue section, hosted by Mr.Han Xuefeng, guests included Shang Greatmicro360 supply chain management,  Shanghai Speed Logistics Equipment  Co., Ltd , Shanghai Xinhong Logistics, Shanghai Oujian Network, JIASHI JOT logistics, Shanghai Yilutongda Telematics information technology co.,ltd.


    If you need cold storage services incule planning, design/build, commionning,  aftersales, rental please fee free to contact HaoCool(HaoShuang)


                           Yamato Shanghai cold storage



                           Heilongjiang province Suifenghe Kuyang cold chain logistics center


                          Zhejiang Province Dayuan fresh produce project


                          Hubei province Lengyuan Cold chain  project

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