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HaoCool Cold Storage Thanks All Friends On Occasion Of Thanksgiving.
Nov 23, 2017

    Today is the traditional USA festival Thanksgiving day. Shanghai HaoCool would like to thank all friends and customers who have been supporting HaoCool through the years.

    Speaking of Thanksgiving day, we think of turkey at first thought.


    Turkey is a must in Thanksgiving dinner, the cooking method is putting the sources and readymade food into turkey`s stomach and toast till dark brown color. Cut it into slices and share with all. Then everybody add source and salt and enjoy it together. It tastes very good.

    As western culture and food getting more popluar, turkey has been gradually introduced to China, plus turkey is full of amino acid and contains relatively more of vatamin E and B, having anti-aging and are healthy to body as well as brain. The breeding and selling of turkeys has been steadly growing in China nowadays.


    Turkey is 3-4 times larger than domestic chicken, 110 - 115cm length, weighs around 2.5-10.8kg. Thus turkey cold storage construction and usage is different with those for domestic chickens. For example, turkey processing factory with a yearly 3 million processing capability, the cold storage needed is at least 3000 ton.


    What processes of processing turkey need cold storage?

    For example in USA the production of turkey is all year round. But the consuming is at peaks of 3 major festivals: thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. Thanksgiving mostly. Because those non-festival days comsumption is limited, the turkey is stored in cold storage after slaughtered and processed.

    The commonly seen is the whole frozen turkey, and also the frozen turkey meat with bones, and boneless chest meat, minced turkey etc..

    And all above, from slaughtering, processing, to packaging, distribution and end selling, cold storage and freezer cabinets and alike low temperature equipments are indispensable.


    Precooling of turkey

    Danish government has made it clear about frozen food, before storing at cold room, it must be precooled in cold storage. The air circulating speed shall be at least 5m/s for precooling food, and air temperature at least -18℃ after precooling.

    Cold storage of turkey at low temperature

    The cold storage for keeping turkey shall be below -20℃, and as to the frequently-openned display cabinet freezer for selling, it should better set around -23 to -26℃.

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