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HaoCool Cold Storage Project Serve One Belt One Road Countries
Nov 27, 2017

HaoCool has business covered in many countries, including Malaysia, Jamaica, Brazil, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, Pakistan, France, Vietnam etc..

HaoCool has a high-calibre design team, well experienced project managenment and construction team, HaoCool can meet customers` various needs for cold storage and provide most cost-effective solutions.


   One belt one road cold storage projects in Uzbekistan for example,

HaoCool has completed 14 cold storage projects so far in Uzbekistan, and built poultry freezer room, fruit fresh-keeping cold room, freezer room, -40℃ and so on. We have set foot in the five stans countries and offer them professional planning on cold storage.  We have strengthened cooperation as one belt one road initiative.

   If anyone is interested in knowing more about us and seeking a reliable and professional supplier and partner in Cold storage and refrigeration please feel free to contact HaoCool. We would be delighted to know more about your specific needs and come to cooperation in the near future.


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