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Ecuador Flowers Are Getting Popular In Shanghai
Dec 28, 2017

Ecuador flowers is world famous for its high quality. Ecuador is the third largest exporters of flowers only after Holland and Colombia.Ecuador`s most famous flower is rose, which is long highly appreciated for its richness in colors, big flower, long stem, long duration.


HaoCool is not only a cold storage design/build engineering company but also rent cold storage of its own. In HaoCool`s own cold storage we can store goods at normal temperature till minus 60℃. we can find there are flowers from Ecuador, Kenya, Holland, Colombia , pet food from Belgium, cosmetic material from Korea, juice concentrate from USA, apple and pear from Shinjang, poultry from local, Thailand and so on, ice cream from France, seafood from Canada, Danmark etc..


Back to ecuador flowers, the optimal storage temperature is 0.5-2℃, it travels 48 hours from Ecuador to China under cold chain. Improters choose HaoCool for its professionism and whole associated service from receiving to delivering.


China are consuming more flowers these years but per capita consumption is very low and we see great potential here. And China flowers consumption now are more for social and public use and not so much for personal. However, as China middle class grows rapidly and it will reach 700 million population by 2020.  compared with USA and Holland the daily flower consumption ratio can be as high as 40-60%,  China  now is only 5%. Chinese are living a higher living standard so the high quality flowers consumption will grow and even a small percentage rise means a huge market.


Ecuador flowers will sure find a place and get more popular in the medium and high end flower market.

Each flower practioner can contact HaoCool for cold storage and fresh-keeping methods.

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