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Cold Storage Appliaction In Medical And Pharmaceutical Industry
Dec 12, 2017

   Have your troubled by medical cold chain and cold storage?

    Let us take a look at the experienced medical cold storage contractor HaoCool and its solution.

    About HaoCool:

    Service range:

    Medical and pharmaceutical, provide cold storage and refrigerated cabinet and box etc for hospitals, medicine stores, medince manufacturers, medical Science and research institutes.

    Team introduction:

    Shanghai HaoCool has set up subcompanies in Beijing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xi`an, Urumqi, serving nationwide customers.

    Medical cold storage planning design &construction

    normal medical cold storage

    A lot of medical products can not keep quality and stability in normal temperature conditions, so it must need a medical cold storage for these medical industries.

    HaoCool can offer turnkey solution for medical cold storage, temperature range can be 2-8℃, -5℃~8℃ and freezer as per customer request.


    picture taken from Jing`an Pharmaceutical company


    vaccine cold storage

    the vaccine safety has caught the attention of  the whole society, the vaccine usually stored in 2~8℃ temperature range. So can not be exposed to normal temperature and should be stored in cold storage.

    HaoCool has many projects experience in vaccine cold storage, such as Desease control center in Jindong district Zhejiang province, Hangzhou Kailun Pharmaceutical etc..

    Xi`an Adicon medical cold storage made by HaoCool

    blood plasma cold storage

    merely use refrigerated cabinet to store blood plasma can not meet the rising demands of blood storage. Whole blood and red blood cell suspension storage temperature should be set as 2℃~6℃, platelets in 20℃~24℃, frozen plasma in temperature ≤-18℃.


    a blood cold storagein Chengdu made by HaoCool

    medicine cool room

    Cool room usually refer to refrigerated room in 0~20℃ temperature range and relative humidity controlled at 45%-75%. these kind of cool room is not strict in insulation too much, but should be free from direct sunshine. It is commonly seen and in large use.


    LUKANG PHARMACEUTICAL cool room made by HaoCool


    pharmaceutical low temperature manufacturing workshop

    Many pharmaceutical products production is taken place in low temperature clean environment. So each step of the processing and operation should be controlled and ensured.


    HaoCool can provide cold storage for: low temperature pharmaceutical workshop, low temp. Packaging workshop, medical sorting and packing room etc..


    CP Guojian pharmaceutical cold storage

    medical refrigerated cabinet

    Chain store, community medical unit may not need to store much products thus not need to build a cold storage. So this time the medical refrigerated cabinet and box can be reasonable choice.

    HaoCool can also provice medical refrigerated cabinet and box to ensure safe storage of medical products in normal temperature.

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