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CMSU Talk With HaoCool Southwest Area Manager Mr.Chen Bin
Dec 21, 2017

    Medical & pharmaceutical cold storage solution provider-CMSU talk with HaoCool Southwest area manager Mr.Chen Bin

    1.  (China medicine supply chain union journalist hereafter referred to as CMSU): Hello Mr.Chen, could you please have a brief introduction of Shanghai HaoCool Industries Co.,Ltd?

    Mr. Chen: Haocool refrigeration is a comprehensive engineering company compromising cold storage planning, design and build, maintainance and rental services, served industries like bio medical, food processing, cold chain logistics, agricultural, science and research insitutes, chemical, chain restraunts etc.. till end of 2017, HaoCool has signed cooperation with over 2000 enterprises including fortune 500, publicly listed and medium and large sized companies, and also tapped markets abroad.

    2.   CMSU: What are the new products or techinal solutions HaoCool will show at the exhibition?

     Mr. Chen:  Since early Haocool has provided east China and central China medical and pharmaceutical companies the cold storage construction services. These years we see the obvious fast growth of the Chengdu and the southwestern China area in this sector, and that is one reason we considered to establish a subcompany in Chengdu aiming to provide better cold storage and refrigeration service for this area.

    This forum summoned a lot of extradinary medical and pharmaceutical companies in southwestern China, and friends from medical industry chain, supply chain. HaoCool has not only brought the normal finished pharmaceutical products cold storage technology, but also those for blood plasma, human body organ, active cell and many other special medical and pharmaceutical products applied for hospitals, blood station, medical research institutes etc..

    3.  CMSU: What are the industries that these products and solutions can be applied to, what are the technical advantages? What can you do to help companies?

     Mr. Chen:  Low temperature technology principly can be applied in various industries, such as fresh-keeping of food, medical and industrial and chemical.

    These years we have witnessed the fast growth of cold chain industries, and many cold storage engineering companies were set up. HaoCool has put it not only as the cold storage constructor but also the whole project planning, design. Haocool has grown to be the experts in the holistic cold storage and cold chain system planning. And the emphasis put on the preliminary planning lead to the more efficiency in the afterwards usage of cold storage and saving the cost and mess for bad planning, and also conform to the idea of customization service in the new coldchain era.

    4.   CMSU: What are the most noteworthy projects you would like to share with us?

     Mr. Chen: HaoCool has quite a big portfolio of medical and pharmaceutical cold storage reference, take Kanghong Pharmaceutical for example, it is one of the most typical in Chengdu.

    All friends in medical and pharmaceutical circle may know that the safety of medical and pharmaceutical products has caught wide attention of government and people. The storage of these products cannot be lenient. Kanghong Pharmaceutical old cold storage has safety unconformity issues like unstable temperature, and together with the preliminary planning and management lopholes, caused a lot loss of medical and pharmaceutical products. Especially a icon new pharmaceutical product Conbercept is very temperature-sensitive. HaoCool has studied its characteristics, and customers actual daily usage and procedure of incoming and outgoing of cold storage operation, designed a stable and conforming medical supervision bureau cold storage, which is on operation since December 2015, and still runs ok.

    Besides Kanghong, HaoCool has also served Lukang Pharmaceutical, Shineway pharmaceutical, Jointown, Peking university international hospital,Xiuzheng pharmaceutical in the planning and construction of cold storage.

    5.    CMSU:Haocool refrigeration has been focused in refrigeation industry for more than a decade, and had made many achivements. What do you think the most change to HaoCool?

       Mr. Chen: Over a decade, HaoCool has completed thousands of cold storage projects of various type, and through these years HaoCool has summed up various experience for various industries cold storage projects. Especially in medical and pharmaceutical cold storage engineering. Has changed from focusing on total numbers of projects to the more strict focus on each project`s quality. This is the biggest change of HaoCool in the past 10 years.

    6.    CMSU:What is HaoCool `s plan for the future?

      Mr. Chen: Since the 19th meeting, the party has emphasized the review and approving medical and pharmaceutical and medical instruments and has caught whole society`s recognition of significance. In medical and pharmaceutical sector ,HaoCool refrigeration will accurately abide by the new requirements of safety, keep research and innovation and combine the characteristics and customization requirements to deliver lastest old storage technology for more companies and units in this sector and make due contribution in the new era.

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