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HaoCool `s Advice On How To Do Cold Storage Project Abroad.
Dec 04, 2017

    As China`s influence in the world grows, various China made products are well sold in the world, meantime, problems exist also.

    Customers may encounter problems of choosing the right supplier in China.

    HaoCool is a professional cold storage design & construction engineering company, and have done cold storage over 30 countries worldwide.  we`d like to introduce what need to be paid attention to for cold storage project abroad.

    1. local regulations and policys of the cold storage importing destination countries. Some countries may have limits of importing some equipment and regulations that complying with specific standards. For example European CE certification and USA UL etc..

    2. Local power conditions. Different countries have different industrial electricity , which is also a cost factor in quotes. The main equipment need to be considered such as refrigeration units, air coolers, lighting, electricity control box, cold room doors etc..

    3.  Local cold storage construction standard, which need special attention to. Such as north american standard as well as european standard.

    4. the cold storage destination climate conditions. It varies so it need accordingly designed equipment. Some features need special attention.

Major cold storage projects abroad by HaoCool:

1.  France Nouvelle-Calédonie project for Socalait ice cream





2. Pakistan Chashma nuclear plant project


3. New Zealand ABC Business logistics project

4. Malaysia Mission foods 5000㎡ cold storage project



5. Jamaica seafood cold storage



6. Uzbekistan tashkent 14 cold storage projects.


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