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6 Steps Increase Energy-saving Performance Of Cold Storage Facility
Dec 07, 2017

    The cold storage has been used for various industries, as we all know, the power consumption of a cold storage is enormous. In daily usage, many cold storage owner has been concerned and trying all possible means means to lower the power consumption. So right in the cold storage  planning stage, HaoCool can suggest the most engery-saving advices to customers and increase the cold storage performance.


    The 6 steps can increase the cold storage energy-saving performance——

    1. refrigeration equipment selection

    Different refrigeration units lead to different power consumption.HaoCool can help customers decide on the most engergy-saving units and it can decrease the power comsumption from the source.

    2. cold storage lighting

    HaoCool knows how to locate the best planning of cold storage lighting based on safety, energy-saving, reasonable design principles.


    3. the insulation quality of cold room

    The cold room insulation directly influence the start-up frequency of refrigeration units, the frequent starting of units lead to increase of power comsumption and meantime decrease the lify expectancy of units. Usally we choose 200mm cold storage insualtion panels for freezer cold storage and 100-150mm for cool room.

    4. air cooler and timely de-frost

    The air cooler frost thickness influence the refrigeation efficiency of air cooler, timely defrost can decrease power consumption.


    5. interval oil-releasing, dust cleaning and air-releasing can keep good effect

    As per data, when the evaporator coil has 0.1mm oil membrane, to keep required temperature, the evaporative temperature will lower 2.5℃, 10% more power consumption; when condenser inside water pipe wall scaling reach 1.5mm, the condensing temperature will rise 2.8℃ with 9.7% more power consumption;  when the refrigeration system has mingled with non-condensing gas, the pressure value reach 0.196mpa, the power consumption will rise around 18%.  so it shows the importance of cleaning the oil, air and pipe etc..

    6. reasonably use the temperature difference of day and night

    The night temperature is low, can adjust the opening machine time longer at night, because the condensing temperature is relatively low, it is good for the energy-saving.

    For more information please consult  HaoCool engineer.


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