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What procedures need to be done when store meat into cold storage?
May 29, 2018

     when store meat into cold storage it needs precooling and disinfection, temperature control, humidity control etc… HaoCool refrigeration is an experienced meat cold storage contractor and solution provider. Welcome to inquire to get a tailored solution.

    (1)、Precooling.  Precooling is a cooling method before long distance transport or cold storage, it requires fast cooling to required temperature. It is an important means to keep food quality and prolong its storage time. Precooling is usually done in cold storage or precooling room. The common precooling methods include air cooling, ventilation cooling, vacuum cooling and cold water cooling.  Precooled food shall be transferred into low temperature environment for long storage immediately. 

    (2)、Temperature change range and storage limits

The temperature in cold storage cannot be constant and it will fluctuate as per refrigeration equipment properties, room size, temperature difference inside out. Generally speaking, the smaller of temperature change the better which is good for fresh-keeping, avoid loss and low temperature physical damage.

    (3)、Temperature control.  Different food has different suitable cold storage temperature. Cold storage temperature and food temperature after putting into it is influenced by multi factors, for example temperature difference inside out, refrigeration efficiency and volume, storage, cold storage inside ventilation, stacking methods, food varieties and ripeness etc… a reasonable stacking when put into cold storage is needed, and a step by step temperature increasing when about to be delivered are required to avoid huge temperature difference and cause water drop on food surface.

    (4)、Humidity control

Cold storage has issues that evaporators absorbing a lot heat and frost form on floor, frost melt and flow away, resulting humidity is less than required. We can solve by increasing evaporative area, decrease frost, install spray equipment or automatic humidifier to regulate inside humidity.  Moreover, if too frequent ins and outs of goods, making relative humidity increase, we can install moisture absorbing device and strengthen the cold storage management and limit the frequency of ins and outs of goods and personnels.

    (5)、When put some odorous goods into the cold storage, we must separate them form normal goods. Rotten and odorous goods cannot enter, store goods according to their specific traits and required temperature and humidity and keep stable. The cold storage door shall be airtight, and goods first in first out principle must be obeyed.



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