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Wax gourd cold storage temperature? How many ways to keep fresh
Mar 22, 2018

    Wax gourd is very popular vegetable. It tastes good, has many cooking methods through the history. It is widely grown in most areas of China.

    The optimal temperature for wax gourd growth is between 25-32℃, in the autumn 7 ℃ can also grow.

    Wax gourd harvest and storage

    Wax gourd should avoid moisture, so control of relative low humidity is essential.

    Wax gourd has green and white kind. Green gourd can be stored longer, if collected in the autumn, it can store up to next year.

    Wax gourd fresh-keeping cold storage

    Wax gourd can be stored in cold storage, which is a popular way internationally utilized.

    How much is the humidity and temperature for wax gourd cold storage

    Haocool has sum up the required data as follows:

    wax gourd cold storage temperature: 10-15

    relative humidity: 70-85%

    ice point: -0.9

    Cold hurt temperature: <10

    If meet above requirements, the wax gourd can be stored at least 4-6 months.


    Besides cold storage, wax gourd has many other traditional ways of keeping. The performance is not as good as cold storage, but in some cases, it can relieve the pressure of not having cold storage.  Haocool has sum up as follows:

    Field storage

    This method is applicable in the autumn, based on the field fertilizer and water management principle, put those immature wax gourds together on and covered with wheat straw and hay.

    Cellar storage

    Choose cool, ventilated, dry cellar or warehouse. after full sterilization, put sleeper to make it aerial, cushion with hay, put wax gourd on in a naturally grown condition.

    And humidity and temperature still cannot be ignored. If too much humidity and temperature higher than 30℃, must open ventilating fan or air conditioner to lower the temperature and avoid sunshine.

    If you are interested in cold storage of wax gourd, please feel free to contact Haocool.

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