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Village located fruit cold room construction consideration points
Jun 15, 2018

What points need to be noted for village located fruit cold room. It is a usual means to help farmer get better sales at off seasons. 

Haocool refrigeration is a professional fruit cold storage design and build company and can design according to customer’s needs. Customer type include: fresh online retailer, fruit wholesaler, fruit trade dealer, fruit chain store etc…

库房内景 (4)

    notes when build a fruit cold storage:

    1.site selection

    Village located fruit cold storage shall be built with ample ventilation, flat surface and convenient transportation. 

    2.volume selection

    Cold storage volume is dependent on goods quantity to be stored and fruit type and stacking methods. Usually its volume tonnage is about dozens tons.

    3.cold storage insulation selection

    Cold storage insulation selection is based on application sector and should be cost effective. Cold storage insulation material is various, can be classified as panels and spray.

    4.refrigeration system selection

    Small scale cold storage is mainly full hermetic compressor, price is not expensive, and has small capacity ratio.

    haocool refrigeration fruit cold storage reference:

    1.  jihong vegetable and fruit distribution center<http://www.kvjv.com/case/show-70.html>

    2. hubei province xianguoyuan frozen food co.,ltd controlled atmosphere engineering<http://www.kvjv.com/case/show-90.html> 

    3.agan fresh blast freezer<http://www.kvjv.com/case/show-93.html> 

    4.bazhong enyang district hejiaba grades grower cooperative <http://www.kvjv.com/case/show-152.html>

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