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The necessity of changing ammonia to freon refrigeration system
Dec 21, 2017

    The necessity of changing ammonia to freon refrigeration system

    No matter you care much refrigeration industry or not, we can often hear news about the leakage accident of cold storage ammonia system and deadly casulties.  Beside some human error factors, the problems of the ammonia system cold storage itself is the main reason of necessity of changing ammonia system to freon system.

    Firstly we would like to show you the characteristics of ammonia cold storage.

    Ammonia system cold storage`s whole refrigeration cycle to the environment is better than that of the freon system. According to Montreal agreement. In the coming decades, from environmental point of view, the ammonia system will gradually replace the freon system. But considering the developing countries` characteristics, the requirements can be a bit lenient. And freon system cold storage advantages can be shown.

    As to large scale cold storage, ammonia system is 15% more energy-saving but need more personnel for the operation and maintenance. Due to the fact that automation level of most Chinese ammonia system cold storage is relatively low, and the limits of cold storage management abilities and the aging ammonia system after many years of operation which caused the refrigerant pipeline and ammonia accumulator aging, it is getting more dangerous for the whole cold storage system and it is neccesary to change the ammonia system to freon system.

    And ammonia is volatile substance, under high pressure it can be liquified, if not properly handled in storage and transport, it will easily cause leakage and explosion. Massive leakage will cause deadly effect , especially to the human respiratory system and skin.  If the massive ammonia released to a wider area, it will pose a great threat to the safty of cold storage personnel, goods quality and people living around the cold storage. So as to the old and low automated level ammonia system cold storage must be changed into freon system to prevent danger.

    So conbining the disadvantages of ammonia system, the freon system cold storage has gainned popularity in developing countries.

    Firslty freon system is more safe and trustworthy, the freon system use R22, R404 as refrigerant, its pipeworks are not so complicated and save maintenance cost. And due to stable characteristics of refrigerant, it will not cause leakage and explosion. Meantime, due to the simplicity of pipework, the automation level of freon system is relatively higher and less personal are needed. And the freon refrigeration system can automaticlly regulate the running of units, more automatic and have longer life expectancy. So it is rather neccesary to chang the old and having safety risks, having management lopholes ammonia system cold storage into freon system.

    HaoCool is very professional in changing ammonia into freon system cold storage, which epitomized in the Shanghai Meilin Foodstuff Co. Ltd project.

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