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Steel structure cold storage construction knowhow
Dec 13, 2017

   Steel structure cold storage is constructed by using steel structure building inside space. The construction time span is short, less columns inside and more space-efficient usage, suitable for medium and large sized cold storage construction.

    HaoCool is at your service of the steel structure cold storage in planning, design/building, procurement, construction, commissioning, aftersales service.

    Consideration for steel structure cold storage construction

    1. must consider the issues during usage of cold storage, such as cold storage depth, height, racking system, the columns inside the cold storage etc..

    2. in the design of cold storage, may customize the cold storage door size as per customers request, design accordingly.

    3. the cold storage building height, also inquire if need racking system, and design as per the racking, take into account of the floor space and harmony as to the whole body structure.

    4. the whole height of cold storage had better not more than 8 meters, because for single floor cold storage the higher the more cost it brings to construct it.

    must consider the support ability of cold storage, if height is over 5 meters, must increase column to support.


    Now 1-tier big cities, national Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and ministry of environment sector has stricter regulations for the new project. And use satellite to monitor if any illegal new construction exist. So in order to avoid unneseccary application procedures and cost, the enterprises would like to rent the old normal warehouse to rebuild as cold storage, which is easier to get approval.

    HaoCool has many experience in rebuilding cold storage from normal warehouse and would like to share these main points that need to be noted.


    The original normal warehouse are mainly made of steel structure and color steel sheet or rockwool structure. There is no floor and wall insulation, so we need to rebuild as per customers specific needs.

    Welcome to get in touch with HaoCool for more advice and info.

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