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Provincial disease control center vaccine cold storage construction standard
May 22, 2018

Provincial disease control center vaccine cold storage requires maintained -5℃~8℃ temperature range(different vaccine needs different temperature), its refrigeration control system use fully-automatic micro electric control system, intelligent computerized temperature control, high precision temperature sensor, fully automatic constant temperature setting, floor hole switch, automatic alarm system.

Haocool refrigeration is a professional pharmaceutical cold storage design company, major customers include: disease control center, quarantine station, vaccine selling and manufacturing companies, medical logistics turnaround centers etc…疫苗冷库

    GSP requirements to cold storage:

    1.Over 10cm cushion above floor for pharmaceutical products and racking systems are equipped and they should have a well structure strength made from metal, wood and composite material and should avoid any damage to pharmaceutical products directly or indirectly.

    2.The cool room shall avoid direct sunshine, keep closed, cool and dry and free from sunshine.

    3. Well-equipped ventilation system, protective veil for windows, protective shade for ventilation fan.

    4.There shall be testing equipment for temperature and humidity, each room must have at least 1 temperature and humidity testing device, its hanging position is same as human height level.

    5.equip with device that can effectively adjust room temperature and humidity.

    6.There shall be dustproof, moisture proof, moldproof, polutionfree, free from bugs, birds, rats etc means available.

    7.conforming illumination, wiring, lighting with cover and shall be anti-explosion type.

    8.conform with fire protection and safety regulations.

    9.special room shall have accordingly safety means, brick or stainless steel structure window less construction, stable facility and good impact strength, install steel door, fire and bugler alarm which connected to 110 police.

    10.machine room shall have micrometer, clarity meter, standard color contrast liquid etc… those run business of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine byproducts shall provide water content meter, ultraviolet lighting, microscope.

    11.machine room and Chinese medicine sample room must have moisture proof and dust free equipments and air conditioner. 

The warehouse shall have above equipment and keep documentation well.

    some of vaccine cold storage haocool has made:

    1.lukang pharmaceutical large scale comprehensive cold storage <http://www.kvjv.com/case/show-65.html>

    2. Corning bioscience cold storage<http://www.kvjv.com/case/show-99.html>

    3. Shanghai Xinxing pharmaceutical blood plasma cold storage<http://www.kvjv.com/case/show-55.html> 

    4. oumeng bio science cold storage<http://www.kvjv.com/case/show-66.html>


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