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management of canteen cold storage
Dec 14, 2017

    Canteen cold storage management standard

    Cold storage hygiene management should take into below issues beside normal management requirements:

    (1) responsible person in charge, comprehensive hygiene management system. The cold storage should be cleanned at intervals, the melting water should not drop on food.

    (2) The high temperature cool storage should be kept at 0℃-4℃, the low temperature cold storage should be kept under -18℃.

    (3) Incoming raw material checking before storing. Non-fresh and ordorous can not enter to avoid bad effect to frozen food quality inside. Food need fast freezing and slow thawing to ensure freshness and less nutrition loss.

    (4) Separated classified storage of meat, poultry, seafood and aquaculture, milk and diary etc..

    (5) the cold storage should be kept clean, and free from bloody water, ice waste, it shall remove ice and frost at intervals inside cold room.

    (6) there should be tag applied for various food to indicated the incoming date, and first in first out and shorten the storage period, especially those fatty fish, meat as it may had bad effect of oil oxygenization.


    management of canteen cold storage

    (1)responsible person in charge, establish procurement and distribution system.

    (2)Must keep low temperature, dry, ventilated to keep food dry and avoid mold and bug. Humidity under 70% and temperature 0℃

    (3)Store as per classification, grade, and incoming time. Use tag and not mix. Racking above floor 5-20cm, 30cm away from walls, each distance 50cm and keep ventilated, to avoid heat and moisutre.

    (4)Prohibite to store ordorous food, to avoid ordor mixing and bad effect it brings.

    (5)Mechanism of preventing rats, sparrows, insects and flies etc. Keep a clean and hygiene floor.

    (6)Avoid moisture and direct sunshine to avoid bad effect to food quality and nutrition.


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