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How to make maintenance for cold storage during summer?
Apr 12, 2018

As temperature builds up, summer is about to come. The cold storage usage has been in peak. What needs to be taken note of during running of cold storage?

 cold storage power

As to cold storage maintenance , the power supply is a big problem.

Power is the source for cold storage running. Check the power at intervals is very necessary.

Mainly check the power voltage, the emergency stop functions well or not.

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  cold storage defrosting

During cold storage running, the refrigeration equipment parameters may show excessive humidity, long gap time in defrosting or abnormal cold storage temperature setting, all will lead to defrosting problems of evaporators.

After checking the safety of power supply for cold storage, we still need to check if the temperature and temperature difference is conforming with specification and in a stable way. If frost occurs, manned intervention is necessary and defrosting process shall be ungergone.

  checking and maintenance of refrigeration machinery

One important point in cold storage maintenance, that is interval checking of refrigeration machinery.

Firstly, check the linkage pipe between refrigeration units and valves. Generally, the leaking area has oil residue. If leaking is found, fast action to solve it.

   the cleaning of condensing units

The cleaning of condenser is also important to keep good refrigeration outcome. Though it is prone to dirt a regular cleaning at intervals is necessary, a key to ensure good refrigeration effect.

blast freezer fan motor


   lubrication of moving parts in cold storage

Many cold storage users may check all above well but may not do very well in details. Actually cold storage equipment and accessories, such as the handles, locks, hinges etc, shall be lubricated at intervals, ensuring good use even if open and close frequently. Details counts.

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