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Loquat cold storage fresh-keeping methods
Mar 28, 2018

    Loquat cold storage fresh-keeping methods

    Loquat is a popular fruit widely produced in south China.

    Loquat properties

    Loquat is rich in nutrients, which contains fructose, glucose, iron, calcium, and vitamin A, B, C etc..

    Chinese medicine renders loquat has properties of doing good for lungs, relieving cough and thirst etc..  loquat can be eaten directly or canned, made into liquor or cream medicine.


    Loquat harvest

    Harvest technology is directly linked to the commercial value of loquat.

    Loquat has no later-ripening characteristics and should be harvested when ripeness begins. Loquat peel is thin, fruit is tender. When harvest loquat, care must be taken and not pull harshly. Do not nip the fruit, put gently to avoid hurting fruit.

    Grading and packaging

    After harvest, the loquats will be checked, clean away the bruised and rotten raw and grade them. Prune and classify according to fruit kind and size and put into special package. Commonly there are cartons, bamboo basket, plastic bag etc.. if put into cartons, cushion with paper slices to avoid damage.

    Loquat cold storage fresh-keeping storage

    As we all know, in normal conditions, loquat will go bad quickly, haocool has found the most suitable cold storage temperature for loquat is around 0℃ with RH 90%, 3-8℃ can do also and must keep away from too much higher or lower temperature.

    Loquat controlled atmosphere cold storage

    Nowadays more and more fruit grower is utilizing controlled atmosphere cold storage to secure a high quality fresh keeping storage of loquats.

    Loquat controlled atmosphere temperature is 0-1℃, RH 85-90%

    gas content--


    carbon dioxide: 0-1%

    In above conditons, the loquat can be stored as long as 60 days.


    Storage management

    Anthrax is most commonly affected disease during storage especially in conditions of high temperature high humidity. So cold storage managers shall pay attention to it and frequently check and deal in time to avoid larger area confection.

    Outbound distribution of loquats

    The loquats cannot be directly taken out of cold storage. It must allow a buffer time span. When the temperature goes normal, take them out of the package and proceed to truck transport or other processes.

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