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Issues needs to be noted when design and build food logistics cold storage
Dec 05, 2017


    Food logistics cold storage is cold storage used to store, transport, sell frozen and chilled food. It is for the distribution transport and temporary storage.

    The cold chain need to be maintained at certain temperature, to ensure the food quality.

    Issues need to be noted:

    1. incoming and outgoing goods quantity, this need to be specified as it influence the platoform quantity needed for logisitcs cold storage.

    2. The depth design of logistics cold storage had better not more than 80 meters, otherwise may influence the efficiency of turnaround of goods.

    3. Single structure type cold storage, high insulation separating high and low temperature room, floor against the ground. The door linked with the ante room, above the door equip an air curtain to prevent cold air escape towards outside. The wall, ceiling, floor all need low heat transfer material.


    Factors influences logistics cold storage

    1. local climate and environment, different climate has different requirements.

    2. Design temperature. This relates to equipment configuration. Ususally the lower temperature the more cost it need. Also the accordingly selected material has much to do with cost such as insulation panel quality and thickness.

    3.  Cold storage size. The bigger the lesser cubic meter cost.

    4.  Compressor: classfied as european and usa, Japan, taiwan, China mainland, reclaimed 5 kinds.(why reclaimed second hand? Because some small engineering company win the bid by low price but decrease cost by using second hand equipment to maximize profit illegally)

    5.  Cold storage separation: this lead to building cost. HaoCool can suggest best separation to save customers` budget.

    6.  The purpose of cold storage itself.  If store explosive goods need to build chemical explosion proof cold storage,  if medical, it must comply with GSP medical quality management standards.


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