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How to keep potaoto at cool storage?
Jan 02, 2018

    How to keep potaoto at cool storage?

    Potato is rich in starch and protein and one of the 4th most consumed food and are the major raw material of industries.


    Potato industry flutuate greatly, what shall we do if in off seasons?

    How to sell potato well at higher price?

    HaoCool can advice and if problems occur as follows:

    Pre treatment of potatoes

    Those in long contact with HaoCool may know that HaoCool is serious in pretreatment of various food, especially fruit and vegetable, agricultural crops precooling.

    Potato pretreating is not only precooling, before precooling, we must know the several kinds of diseases of potato.

    Physical disease of potato

    This is due to the respiration, as well as metabolism of potatoes, the common ones are the blackening which is caused by high temperature, mechanical damage, insufficient oxygen etc..

    By precooling, it can buffer away the potota heat and decrease the pototo disease rates and contribute to later cool storage.

    What is the best conditions for cool storage of potatoes?

    Cool storage set temperature: 0-3℃

    Relative humidity 90-95%


    Please note which in cool storage:

    check the potatoes every 2 weeks in the early stage, properly stack and bring away NG ones, and later check once a month.

    If stored well, the pototoes can store around 9 months, and through it, it  can avoid low price at peak season and sell at right time, and through fresh-keeping cool storage, the potatoes look nice and enjoy a good market.

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