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How to install cold storage evaporation tube and drain pipe
Mar 19, 2018

     Evaporative tube usually utilizes whole hanging method, when the evaporative area is large, the rigidity is relatively lesser. And to avoid deformation during hanging work, strengthening must be done. The strengthening includes installment of arc steel and hanging brackets and supports for the tubes, and also provide a hanging frame using steel and H profile steel at the bottom of the tubes. During hanging, according to the length of tubes we decide the quantity of hanging points and locations. Before hanging job, we must imbed the bolts in the ceiling and calibrate well. The tubes hanging work shall be instructor by a supervisor and ensure constant movement to get a balanced accenting of the evaporative tubes as a whole. When the tubes assent to organized positions, fasten the bolts. The evenness of tubes can be adjusted by washers.

    The installment of evaporative tubes is technical job, it requires the the tube center and the wall distance shall be not lesser than 150mm. top tube center (multi-layer of tubes, take the top tube center for it) and the ceiling distance shall be not lesser than 300mm.



   The drain pipe installment in cold storage: usually use PVC or PPR engineering type pipes.

    (1) Sequence: connect water pipe- equip heating wire- check leakage- do insulation

    (2)Before installment of pipes, check pipes and make them clean and free from dust and rust. During job is suspended, the ends of pipes can be sealed.

    (3) The lesser length of The drain pipes the better. Horizontal pipes should be sloped from 1/100 to 1/50

    (4)Between inner the cold storage the refrigeration equipment water tray and the drain pipe there shall be a soft linkage. And condensing water tray shall be higher than the drain pipe. PVC pipe should use specific PVC glue for linkage. The leakage test of drain pipes shall use water and if no leakage it is conforming.

    (5)After installment of pipes there shall be systematic rinsing, then can link.


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