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How to improve logistics cold storage
Mar 15, 2018

   As the fresh industry develops fastly, our country`s logistics industry has tranformed to low temperature cold chain forms, which has been attached great attention of the government, and has been a indispensable part of the national twelfth five year plan.

    During the tranformaiton to coldchain, there are many areas that need to be upgraded. Traditional logistics cold storage, mainly deal with product storage, and no matter in form and function to comprehensive capability and ancilliary services cannot meet modern logistics needs.


    Haocool refrigeration logistics cold chain analyst says:” nowadays various fresh goods distribution, features fastness, small batch, accurateness etc. And to meet the rising complicated and frequent distribution, low temperature logistics cold storage has been introduced and played a more and more important role; take large supermarket low temperature logistics cold storage for example, it must meet the prerequisite of limited space, small batch, large variety of goods, as well as the proliferated distribution reach of the logistics center and fast turnaround of goods and gps pisitionning and system efficiency. So logistics cold storage must not only meet the low temperature storage purpose but also meet the specific requirements to fresh goods on the cold chain logistics.

    some drawbacks of logistics cold storage

    Traditional warehouse tyep logistics cold storage, under the new cold chain circumstances the drawbacks are multifaceted, firstly it cannot the modern time cold chain logistics requirements.

    Haocool based on rebuilding of traditional logistics cold storage, concludes that the drawbacks lie in the bad vertical turnaround capability, too little the platform receiving gate, poor sealing at the platform, cold room end module equipement improposition, anteroom poor configuration of loading and unloading conditions etc..


    haocool built the Ningbo Baozhen food logistics cold storage

    So the mordern cold chain logistics cold storage, what are the basic functions and configurations?

    Let us see the sumup haocool made:

    1. A reasonable planning of refrigeated truck parking, loading and unloading, moving should be done before the rebuilt works. These basic information should be provided to the cold storage contractor for planning and design of the modern cold storage.

    2. Build the buffer room to avoid cold air loss, or the temperature unconfirmity due to frequent opening and closing of cold storage doors, and frost problems; if the low temperatue in and out frequency is high and turnaround quantity is huge, a specific tally room should be built which temperatue should be around 0-7℃.

    3. The upgrade of cold storage doors. The traditional push door is not good for the locking of coldstorage temperatue and incur too much cold loss. For those storage with high turnaround frequency, haocool suggest use the electric sliding refrigeated door, electric shutter doors, and also equip with the lifting platform to realise door to door operation.


         quansheng logistics cold storage built by haocool

    4.  Modern 3 dimensional automated logistics cold storage, shall have information management, a comprehensive computer internet system to realize scientific mangament of coldchain logistics distribution, and can ensure normal running of loading and unloading inside the storage and temperature control, and can provide information of the stored goods name, quantity, position and temperature data, greatly reducing the management cost and improving the management efficiency.

    The tranformation and upgrade of logistics cold storage cannot be completed right away, during the cold chain development, more suitable for cold chain logistics various cold storage and operation model will come with the logistics and refrigeration practioners work hard, standardize, systemize.

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