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How to ensure safety of ammonia system cold storage
Dec 22, 2017

   These years we have seen many accidents due to ammonia leakage and resulted in heavy loss. What reasons caused these ammonia accidents?

    1. some companies has not paid enough attention to safety production and not enough management regulations.

    2. Industry practioners change job frequently, not knowing enough safety knowledge and had no crenditials and not enough capabilities.

    3. Cold storage designed non-conformingly and illegal design and illegal construction.

    4. Refrigeration system equipment oldfashioned, badly maintained and managed.

    5. Electric system and electric management not in place, lighting prevention and earth work and anti static procedures are not conforming.

    6.  Fire prevention precedures not in place, safety aisle are not conforming.

    7. Not enough trainning about emergency drill and necessary emergency equipment not in place.

    8. Supervision to the ammonia system-related companies not enough.

    In view of these, the government has issued the regulation of ammonia related activity and lay concrete requirements towards the companies.

    1. the cold storage and refrigeration system should be designed by qualified cold storage engineering company with ability to design pressure pipeworks.

    2. Packaging, section, product sorting workshop and alike places with many personnels prohibite to use ammonia direct evaporation refrigeration system.

    3. Liquid ammonia pipeworks are not allowed to get through buildings with working and living purpose.

    4. Ammonia refrigeration machine room ammonia accumulator and other important components shall install ammonia concentration detecting alarm and align with emergency fan automatically.

    5. Pressure vessel, pipeworks and accessories shall be checked at intervals.

    6. Cold storage and ammonia refrigeration machine room and equipment room shall provide fire hydrant, and the emergency aisle shall be without any obstacles.

    7. For those dangerous cold storage, it shall be recorded, inspected at intervals, evaluated and monitored.

    For those companies that cannot comply with below requirements, must be rectified in limited time.

    1. a sprinkling system shall be installed above the ammonia accumulator.

    2. Wind direction signal shall be erected in obvious place of factory.

    3. Safety signal in place for area like pressure vessel, operator only entry area, key machine area.

    4. Operation site shall have air SCBA, rubber gloves and alike protection devices and first aid medicine.

    5. Implement liquid ammonia safety regulations and procedures.

    6. Those doing the ammonia refrigeration work shall have qualifications.

    7. The workers in the company shall be trainned to act in emergency in a right way.

    8. Company shall implement the emergency drill at intervals.

    9. Company shall have a documentation system of whole equipments and store it properly.


    fire drill

    If ammonia related companies act like below, they shall be shut down.

    1. No license.

    2. Operation discontinued for rectification and still not approved and continue production illegally

    3. Those with huge safety risk and cannot be rectified.

    4. Not able to have least safety production requirements.

    Does your ammonia cold storage engineering comply with the above standards?

    If your ammonia system has safety risk, for your personnel safety and production, please call HaoCool soon for the rectification and maintenance of ammonia system.

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