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How to do logistics cold storage planning
Dec 27, 2017

    How to do logistics cold storage planning?

    As the fresh retailing industry grows fast, our nation`s logistics has been transferred to low temperature cold chain, which is paid great attention by government, being a important part of 13rd five year plan of government.


    However it need many tranformation and update for the whole logistics industry. Traditional logistics cold storage, the functions are focused on product storage, cannot meet the modern distribution requirements no matter in form or function or the whole supporting.

    Hao Cool logistics cold chain analysist says:”nowadays, various fresh goods distribution features fast moving, small batch, accurate and targeted characteristics etc.. so it needs low temperature cold storage to comply with mordern requirements which is playing an importatnt role in.  Take large supermarket industry for example, it need not only the low temperature cold storage but also the specific requirements of the fresh goods on the cold chain logistics.

    Some common drawbacks of logistics cold storage

    Traditon single-purpose logistics cold storage, it can not meet most of the new requirements of modern cold chain logistics.

    Based on traditional cold storage remaking experience, the drawbacks include bad vertical transport and turnaround capability, loading bay very limited recieving gates, loading bay bad sealing,  storage end equipment not enough against the coverage area, anteroom bad design etc..

    HaoCool advice customers to ensure the loading and unloading and parking space are enough for normal operations,  refrigerated truck turnaround speed, refrigeration truck space, otherwise it should be reconstructed to avoid badly effect on the cold chain logistics efficiency.


    Zhejiang Ningbo Baozhen food logistics cold storage project by HaoCool

    So for modern cold chain logistics cold storage , what are the musthaves?

    Haocool sum up as follows:

    1. reasonable planning of parking, loading and unloading, operation, before any refurbishment and remaking work, the general data should be sent to HaoCool to facilitate planning and design.

    2. Provide ante room for buffering, to avoid cold loss and unconformity of temperature due to frequent opening and closing cold room doors and severe frost problems. If low temperature goods comes in and goes out frequently and in large amount, a special tally room can be allocated and keep the temperatue around 0-7℃.

    3. Renewal of cold room doors. The normal push door cannot meet modern requirements, HaoCool suggest using electric sliding door, roller door and equip dock leveller to realize door to door operation.


                         Shanghai QuanSheng logistics cold storage made by HaoCool

    4.modern cubic automatic logistics cold storage, shall have information management system, establish comprehensive computerised Internet system to ensure efficiency on total management, to realize the normal operation of inside loading and unloading, room temperature control, and provide instantly the cold storage goods name, quantity, location and temperature data list, which dramaticaly decrease the management cost and increase the overall efficiency of logistics cold storage management.

    Rome is not built in one day. Through the cold chain development, the more advanced operation model can be found and it need logistics and refrigeration industry practioners to search, standardize, innovate.

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