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How to construct and maintain minus 35℃ cold storage?
May 30, 2018

How to construct and maintain minus 35℃ cold storage?

-35℃ cold storage is one of the ultra low cold storage types, which is applied for food ,seafood freezing cold storage, for example high-end lobster, tuna, beef steak etc… haocool refrigeration is a first-tier cold storage design/build company.



    minus 35℃ cold storage maintenance methods:

    (1)Prohibit casual switching and regulating cold storage temperature. 

     (2)Close the door when come in and out of the cold storage to avoid cold air leakage. Turn off the lights when get out of cold storage.

     (3)Strictly control cold storage temperature and decrease temperature fluctuation. In normal conditions, the inside temperature is below -10℃, and temperature fluctuation shall be less than 3 ℃. 

     (4)Prohibit putting polluted, odorous items around cold storage. Every closing time each day, there shall be a thorough cleaning, disinfection procedure done and lock the doors firmly.

     (5)Each week clean the ice and frost on the floor inside cold storage. Prohibit the use of water, only can clean by dry mop and cloth.

    (6)each month a through disinfection to the floor and cold storage.

    ◇Clear the stock, close the electricity of cold storage

    ◇Detergent with water in right proportion, clean the grease and dirt inside and once again with water.

    ◇Chlorine 400PPM, spray the floor and walls, after 3 minutes clean the disinfection water.

    ◇Use dryer to get out of moisture and only by this can restart the use of cold storage.

    (7)Each week disinfection to the inside cold storage cushion plates. Clean plastic boxes and do disinfection. There shall be no water residue for the tools inside to avoid freezing between commodities, commodities against the racking.

    (8)When do job inside cold storage, prohibit the hammering and drilling to panels and floors or any other damage to the cold storage body by using hard articles.

    (9)when power failure or breakdown of refrigeration equipment, please reduce the frequency of coming into cold storage and hang a tag “don`t use, in repair”




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