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How much does it cost to build a 1000 ton seafood cold storage
Apr 10, 2018

        As known by all, seafood is in need of low temperature cold storage to keep fresh. Otherwise, it will be prone to decay in normal temperature, incurring economic loss and safety issues.

In the past, due to improper handling of seafood, it incurred huge loss. As industrialization comes, refrigeration engineering has come to full play as peoples` demand for fresh goods.

Seafood is perishables, and not only in China but also abroad, threr are strict processing, warehousing, transport standards and requirements need to be met before flow into hands of customers. 

And the seafood cold storage which is a common application in national economy, has been widely used in marketplaces, dealers, processors etc…

   But you may wonder how much it cost to build one?

   How about the storage quantity required for cold storage?

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       Haocool would like to share information here about seafood cold storage design/build.

The cost factors are mainly as following 3 points:

  1.Cold storage temperature required

The temperature needed is a main factor,  which is related to equipment configuration and operation.

  2. Cold storage location

  If located in far fetched area, it will bring the cost a bit higher. Haocool suggest consulting local cold storage pratitioners to build small sized cold storage, and of course if customers need a more trustworthy company, HaoCool can offer technical assistance.

  3. Cold storage volume

Cold storage volume is also a major factor. The L*w*h info, the goods quantity to be stored.

If you need more information or concrete requirements please feel free to contact HaoCool.

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