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How much does one square meter cold storage cost?
Apr 16, 2018

How much is it to build a cold storage per square meter cost? Many customers have asked same question. Firstly we can make clear that cold storage cost calculation is not based on square meters. Cold storage cost is configuration-variant. It can be estimated but not accurate. Different size cold storage different cost per unit. Usually the larger volume of cold storage the less cost of per cubic meter cost.

Haocool is one of the leading professional cold storage contractor and can provide nationwide customers local service.  We have sub companies in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi`an, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Urumqi, Guangzhou. The industries we served include: pharmaceutical, logistics, food, chemical, catering, research constitutes, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping etc…


    cost factors influeing the total ownership cost of cold storage

    1. cold storage insulation material

Cold storage insulation material is a major component of cold storage cost. The properties directly influence the insulation property of cold storage body.  If not good enough, it will result in frequent starting of cold storage compressors and increase power consumption.

    2. refrigeration equipment cost

In the market, there are a lot of refrigeration equipment brands. Its cost varies as the brand. Haocool will choose trustworthy leading brands both home and abroad which has good balance of cost and performance.

3. Common accessories of cold storage: cold storage door, air cooler, cooling tower, pump, pipework, liquid collector, separator, wiring, switches etc...


    4. installation cost of cold storage

As a comprehensive refrigeration company comprising cold storage design/build, construction, rental service, refrigeration equipment distribution, haocool can fully ensure quality and durability of each cold storage project.


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