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How much does it cost to build a 1000ton cold storage
Apr 08, 2018

 1000 ton cold storage cost ranges from 1 million to 1.8 million RMB Yuan, which is dependent on the required cold storage temperature, size, usage purpose. The common compact cold storage category: constant temperature cold storage, cool room, freezer room, blast freezer, pharmaceutical cold storage, explosion proof cold storage etc...

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    factors influencing the 1000ton cold storage cost:

    cold storage design/build contractor

    Nowadays there are many cold storage practitioners in the market, customers had better not choose the cheapest, but focus on quality as priority. Check the cold storage equipment configuration recommended by contractors. After sales service is also important. Once problems occur, the contractor shall arrive at the site as fast as possible and reduce customer’s loss at best, which is a big contributor to cold storage contractor`s reputation.


    cold storage volume and size

    The cold storage volume is usually calculated by cubic meters. The specific size of cold storage is related to the specific purpose of cold storage. As the volume get bigger, the more cost it brings. The details in big scale cold storage must be taken seriously as sometimes the problems` incurred cost is as much as building a small scale cold storage.

    cold storage configuration

    The main configuration lies in the compressor and evaporator. At present many customers don`t know how to select these units. Compressor selection shall take into account for the cold storage volume, the inside temperature required, the frequency of opening and closing cold storage doors, combination cold storage occurred 2 kinds of temperature alignment etc… cold storage panels is also a major factor influencing the cost. Good panels are durable, good insulation, light weight, anti-aging properties so the cost is higher.

    other cost factors related

    Besides the cold storage itself, other factors are not to be ignored:  the logistics cost,  floor rental cost and the like shall be taken into serious consideration.

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