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How much monthly electricity bill for 20 ton fruit fresh-keeping cold storage
Apr 13, 2018

How much should you pay for the electricity bill monthly for a 20 ton fruit fresh-keeping cold storage?  Generally it consumes 65 kwh daily, one month consumption is 1950 kwh, assuming 1.5 RMB for one unit, the monthly electricity bill goes to 2925 RMB. 

This is an even estimate, in summer peak , it will consume more electricity and be higher electricity cost.


Energy-saving notice when design a fruit fresh-keeping cold storage

    1. A reasonable cold storage design temperature, which means a reasonable temperature range can save energy. Shorten the temperature difference value of refrigerant evaporative temperature and cold storage inside temperature.

    2.  Large scale cold storage can be several parts, shall use distributed refrigeration system and not the concentrated refrigeration in machine room thus improving the refrigeration efficiency of refrigeration machinery. Here a 20 ton fruit fresh-keeping cold storage has no such problem just shorten the length of pipework.

    3.  Reasonable refrigeration capability. No matter large scale cold storage or smaller ones, a reasonable refrigeration capability can reduce the load. Some small engineering company are not always come to an accurate calculation of refrigeration capability and give wrong value and incur more investment.

    4.  Sealed low temperature platform with docking and buffer zone can also do.

    5.  Utilize high automation cold storage, as per HaoCool dozens years of experience, automation can save 10-15% compared to manually controlled ones.


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