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How much investment return for cold storage rental service monthly?
Apr 16, 2018

As the cold chain market is getting hot, it brings the development of cold storage rental business in the fast track. Many customers are inquiring how much they can earn monthly for cold storage rental. How is the potential of cold storage rental? Does it brings large profits?  As to the question raised,  haocool would like to analyze for all friends in the view of a cold storage rental service provider.

    1. analysis of the market of cold storage rental

    classification of cold storage rental

    a. grower site refrigerated warehousing rental

    b. logistics exchange platform rental

    c. consumption concentration destination rental

 Different kind have different business reaching circle and operation mode. The market type decides the cold storage planning and solution. For example, the target customers are big-sized mostly or small and medium sized mostly. What about the turnaround capability of cold storage? The location where the cold storage stands? What is the temperature range of the cold storage?


2. major factor influencing profitability of cold storage business- energy-saving

The energy-saving traits are not paid enough attention to for most customers in the initial design stage. But whether a cold storage can generate profits in a large degree lies in this trait.

    electricity counts. Same size cold storage rental, other`s electricity bill is 0.5-0.8 RMB yuan per square meter each day. While you pay about 0.3, in this case you earn more than the others. Don`t look down upon the difference of 0.2, if you have 10000 square meters cold storage, 10000*0.2*365=730000 RMB Yuan(that is a lot of money, and often neglected.)

    3. the quantity of docking system of cold storage

The quantity of docking system shall be decided by turnaround speed and quantity. Haocool has heard many customers didn`t consider this much and resulted in the limits of the docking system and couldn`t fully meet the customers` usage and loss of customer base.

    Haocool is one of the leading cold storage contractor with nationwide coverage in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Urumqi, Guangzhou. And own its own cold storage in Shanghai and Urumqi.  So haocool is one of the very few have both capability and experience. Welcome to inquire.


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