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how much does it cost to construct a blast freezer?
Mar 29, 2018

    Haocool refrigeration can do an analysis for you. The cold storage is not calculated on the basis of per square meter or cubic meter. Why?  A 20 cubic meter cold storage is about 30000-40000 RMB yuan, meaning 1400-2000 RMB yuan per cubic meter. If according to this ratio, if you want to build a 1000 cubic meter cold storage, it amounts to 1400000-2000000 RMB yuan which is very high price. So this is not the right way to calculate.  So hereby HaoCool would introduce how. On-site checking is necessary.


    factors influencing blast freezer cost.

    1、Location.  If too far, it will incur more labor, transport, work duration etc..

    2、Insulation material.  Its property is a major cost. Good insulation material is durable and good insulation and light weight. But this can lead to the cost of cold storage, so we will take this into account.

    3、Cold storage size.  The bigger cold storage the less cubic meter cost it will be.

    4、Refrigeration equipment selection. The selection of equipment is a major cost factor, imported brands and national brands equipment do have a price difference.

    5、The partition.  The more partition it needs the more investment it brings.  Under same volume, the more partition, the more refrigeration equipment in the configuration, which directly influence the overall cost of quick freezer.

    6、Cold storage purpose and usage. For example, medical cold storage need GSP standard conformity. Medical storage are higher than other blast freezer.


    Blast freezer calculated is based on the L W D data plus the corner and beam needed. Also classified as high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature cold storage.

    After reading above, you may have a general understanding of the cost factors. To avoid later misunderstanding and trouble. Haocool refrigeration suggest call us soon and let us be on the site and do the checking. So only this can we know what you exactly need and offer more accurate and cost effective cold storage solutions. And also this preparation work is for free.

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