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How much does it cost to build a fruit fresh-keeping cool room? How much per square meter?
Mar 15, 2018

    How to calculate the cost of a fruit fresh-keeping cool storage, firstly we need to know the dimensions to be built, what fruit to be stored? How long the storage? Need controlled atomosphere or not? Precooling before entering cool storage? Only by providing these info can we set out to make a design solution for the fruit freshkeeping cool storage. According to the design solution, we work out the cost and get the data on each square meter.



    5 big factors influencing the cost of fruit fresh-keeping cool room

    1、The installation area, related to local climate. Different climate different requirement and must be prepared.

    2、Insulation system, use PU insulation plate or onsite spraying. And different temperature needs need different thickness. The cost of insulation system is a major share of the total cost of cold storage construction.

    3、Depends on the machine configuration for different capacity. Generally the bigger volume the cold storage the more cost it will be for the whole cold storage project.

    4、Refrigeration equipment brand selection. Haocool choose internationally renowned big brands with good blance of ratio of performance and cost. But in the market, there are still copycatted or reclaimed machinery. Please take much attention and not focus on the lowest quotation as much the case of bad quality, which result in bad refrigeration efficiency, high risk of downtime, short life expectancy etc..

    5、Different cold storage separation.  It is noteworthy as it influence the refrigeration units arrangement and insulation material usage.

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    The fruit fresh-keeping cool room basic calculation standard also include the coverage area and height. Also the wall corner and beam and the difficulty it brings to the cold storage installation. Moreover, it can be classified as per temperature requirements, that is high temperature, medium temperature, low tempereature freezing room etc..


    After reading the above introduction, you must have a general idea about the cost factors. Haocool also suggest customers that have a need should not focus on the cost of investment only, you can call us to acommpany you to visit the site and know what exactly you need and what are the investment spent on. And mostly noteworthy and good for customers, haocool`s early involvement for measuring, design, planning of your cold storage is free of charge generally.

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