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how much to build seafood and aquaculture cold storage
Mar 27, 2018

    100 ton seafood and aquaculture cold storage design, how much does it cost to build seafood and aquaculture cold storage.

    100 ton seafood and aquaculture design/build company HaoCool refrigeration remind you, the estimate of cost of cold storage need a detailed requirement data, such as temperature, dimension, usage, incoming goods quantity, incoming goods temperature, turnaround frequency etc.. for example, seafood cold storage has 2 kinds, one is cool room and the other is freezer room, and the design solutions is different accordingly.


    welcome to call and consult HaoCool for your cost effective cold storage.

    price factors influencing seafood cold storage:

    1、Climate and position.

    2、PU panel or site spray work for insulation system. Different temperature needs need different thickness, which is a major part of cost for cold storage construction.

    3、Partition. Different partition leads to different quantity of seafood cold storage refrigeration equipment and material, which is also a major price factor.

    4、Refrigeration brand selection. There are many brands in the market, influencing the performance of cold storage.

    5、Special requirements, higher cost than normal cold storage, for example explosion proof cold storage, controlled atmosphere cold storage.


    The basic calculation of seafood cold storage is the coverage area and height, and corner and beam positioning influence. Also related to different temperature needs. Classified into high temperature cold storage, medium temperature cold storage, low temperature freezer.

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