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How much to build a large scale fruit cold storage?
Mar 30, 2018

    How much to build a large scale fruit cold storage?

    How much does it cost to construct a huge fruit cold storage? It depends on concrete project and design solutions as cold storage is configuration variant project. Different application will result in different usage of fruit cold storage and thus influence the configuration of refrigeration equipment. And especially for large scale cold storage.


    What needs to be considered for cold storage design and planning

    1 usage and purpose of cold storage

    Different usage and purpose will lead to huge difference of cold storage project. For example, fruit cold storage common 2 kinds cold storage, one is the normal fresh-keeping cold storage and the controlled atmosphere cold storage. No matter in construction cost or planning solutions. We will choose the suitable one for customer real needs.

    2. investment of cold storage in the beginning

    Large scale cold storage usually is constructed in phases preventing unnecessary hasty investment and resources waste of cold storage if not properly utilized and huge loss of customer capital. Build in phases can also relieve customers capital pressure.

    3. empty cold storage duration

    Opposite season storage, need to be taken into account when for empty cold storage duration. Good usage of empty cold storage in off season can generate more return of investment and increase revenues. And this need reasonable planning considering local industries.

    4 energy saving cold storage

    Large scale cold storage energy saving feature will directly influence the profits of cold storage. In the operation of cold storage, electricity bill is huge cost factor. So the whole energy saving property of cold storage system is extremely important here. HaoCool suggest customers not only focus on lowest quotations in the beginning of planning, and shall evaluate in a comprehensive way.


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