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How much does it cost to build a 10 ton fresh-keeping cold storage?
Mar 21, 2018

    How much does it cost to build a 10 ton fresh-keeping cold storage?

    How much does it cost to build a 10 ton fresh-keeping cold storage? As to this small sized cold storage planning, if for storing fruit and vegetable, the size is about 50-60 cubic meters, the end customer of such size is mostly fruit store, supermarket, grower.  Different end use different design and construction.

    Haocool refrigeration fresh-keeping cold storage design/build, one stop service, can help customers fastly design and build cold storage.


    Main factors influencing the fresh-keeping cold storage cost:

    1.Location and climate. The climate and location will directly be influencing the installment solution and cost.

    2.The thickness of cold storage insulation panels.  The thickness of panels determines the insulation effect and if insulation property is not well, the later usage cost will be high.

    3.Size of the cold storage. The bigger the cold storage the lower cost of the cold storage per cubic meter.

    4.Refrigeration equipment.  It depends on brands, Haocool usually use worldwide famous brands and with good balance of cost and performance.

    5.Partition.  The more partition the heavier cost it takes. Because it need more refrigeration equipment and insulation material, which directly influence the whole cost of the fresh-keeping cold storage.

    6.Purpose of cold storage.  Take medical cold storage for example, it needs GSP standard and high requirements. So the medical cold storage is more expensive.


    attention should be taken for fresh-keeping cold storage:

    1. Do not stack too many goods beyond ventilation allows. There shall be room for ventilation for air circulation.

    2.If store liquid commodity, please do not store in an open form. Should sealed with decent package.

    3. shall limit the opening of doors frequency as possible. Shut doors as enters preventing cold loss from inside.

    4.When store food, the nutrients will lead to the growth of mold and bacteria so clean those effected in time to ensure food safety and quality.

    5.If store goods with odors occurs, please clean those items to prevent bad effect to other goods.


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