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how about the fresh-keeping temperature of bamboo shoots cold storage?
Dec 29, 2017

    Bamboo shoots are one of the Chinese`s favorite food, and has many cooking methods.

    As to large amount of collected bamboo shoots, how to keep its freshness?

    collection of bamboo shoots

    For the cultivated edible bamboo shoots, the time to collect is around early April when the shoot just come out of earth. If not collected in time, the bamboo shoots will have more fiber and more bitter.

    cold storage fresh-keeping

    there are a lot of traditional ways of keeping of bamboo shoots, today haocool editor would like to introduce the cold storage fresh-keeping method of cold storage.

    Before sending to cold storage, the cold storage must be disinfectioned. Generally for food cold storage, the disinfection drug should be low poisonous for example 2.9% Formalin solution.

    After disinfection, the bamboo shoots can be sent to cold storage but must note they shall be sorted to avoid damaged shoots entering the cold storage.


    HaoCool here sum up the temperature and humidity info for bamboo shoots.

    Suitable cold storage temp.: 0-1℃

    RH: 90-95%

    Suggested gas components:

    Oxygen content: 2-3%

    Carbon dioxide: 10-12%

    Please note bamboo shoots cold bite temperature is 0℃, freezing point is -0.6℃, when in storage, must monitor the temperature change.

    Stacking inside the cold storage

    The stacking of cold storage shall be ventilated, and enough space between packages. When in cold storage, better not move the shoots frequently to avoid ordor mixture or infection. And not mix the bamboo shoots with other vegetable in same package.

    Actually bamboo shoots storage is not in constant fresh-keeping conditions. Different storage purpose different methods of cold storage.

    If for short term storage for vegetable market, set 2℃ and RH90% to keep freshness.

    If for processing of bamboo shoots for manufacturers, -18℃ low temperature freezer and -5℃ packaging workshop should be provided.


    Besides cold storage, there are other ways of keeping methods for short term, such as burying method, saltly water saturation etc..

    If choose cold storage, the food quality can be ensured and less hygine hazards. If customers would like get more information please feel free to contact HaoCool. HaoCool is one of the very few that has nationwide coverage of subcompanies and even reaches abroad.

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