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The flow chart and procedures of cold storage construction
Aug 17, 2017

The flow chart and procedures of cold storage construction is up to cold storage design. Cold storage is composed of multiple precise parts and equipment. The main elements are: cold room panels, refrigeration system, air cooler units, doors etc..  as the leading brand of cold storage industry, we HaoCool has unique knowhow in cold storage design/build.


Concrete procedures of cold storage construction

    1.  Preparation work

Do the planning well,  make sure construction location and materials in position. The various material used in cold room construction is customized, transport them to construction site which is compliant with requirements, double check the material quality and model before installment.

2. Cold storage structure installment.   

The cold room body can be classified as small sized and big sized, the small sized generally use assembly type, and the big sized use construction civil works type. Both need to be flat and firm, no hollow, the support and frost and moisture-proof properties shall be compliant with engineering requirements.

3. Installment of refrigeration equipment.  It include installment of evaporators and outsideput units. All equipment shall be installed compliant with operation procedures and under due protection.

4. Installment of electricity control system.

The electricity control system of cold storage include the controller, electric door, lighting and other electric equipment. The power requirements shall be met with 3 phase 4 wire separate dispatched or back up power. The wiring shall be arranged well and under due protection.

image.png5.  Connection of refrigeration system.

Use wire, cooper tube etc.. to connect the refrigeration units, electricity control system units and so on firmly and stably and under good insulation and protection.


Commissioning of cold storage.   After connecting all equipment well, we can test run the whole cold storage. According to customers` requirements, set the cold room values right as needed, while the temperature decreasing speed and running performance is well, the cold storage shall be transferred to customer for use. The cold storage installment company shall be responsible for giving training of cold room usage and management to customer and providing after sales service.

The cold storage repair and daily maintenance procedures

1.   The cold room and refrigeration equipment are well installed or not used for long time and prior to reuse, a comprehensive check shall be conducted. Only by making sure all values and issues are normal can be approved for use.

2.   The insulation protection.

During usage make sure no hard and sharp items collide and scrape to prevent denting and rusting thus badly affect the local insulation properties.

3.   Sealing protection. Due to assembly property, there is gap between panels, during work, these gaps will be sealed by sealing glue to prevent air and water entering. It is necessary to check and repair in time for NG area to prevent cold air going out.

4.  Ground protection.  

Prevent ice and water on the ground, if have, gently remove them lest damaging the ground.

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