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Fruit fresh-keeping Cold storage can increase investment return
Mar 20, 2018


    Fruit fresh-keeping cold storage is not only a traditional technology, but also a multidiscipline scientific preserving fruit quality modern industry. Do the fruit fresh-keeping cold storage well has at least various meanings as follows:

    (1)Balance supply of fruit: fruit consumption has characteristics of seasonal harvest year round supply. Different tree and kinds of fruit, have specific ripening season. However, the consumption demands are not only seasonal but also consumption any time any place. And only fresh-keeping cold storage can balance the contradiction of seasonal harvest and year round supply.

    (2)Decrease loss of fruit. Consumer needs are constant despite the seasonal harvest. In the high season of ripening, it has time difference but also the quantity and quality difference. In the prerequisite of preserving fruit quality, only by utilize suitable storage can decrease the fruit loss(for example weight loss, rotten fruit etc.), and ensure constant supply of fruit.

    (3)Increase profit: under decades of storage cases we can prove it brings considerable profits by storage of high quality fruit and ensuring constant fresh fruit supply. Especially as the market economy fastly develops and booms the potential investment return of fresh-keeping cold storage can come into full play.

    (4)Promoting processing:

    Decent fresh-keeping cold storage can ensure stable development of fruit processing, and also provide enough raw material for fruit processing. The promotion characteristics of fresh-keeping cold storage has been more and more evident in the fruit industry.

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