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Developing and perfecting the market system of air cooler
Apr 26, 2017

The process of refrigeration refrigeration cooling fan day total condenser refrigeration unit cold storage development are described, and detailed reference to Shanghai refrigeration industry news website Xuehu and company news for the corresponding understanding. There are large refrigeration and agricultural products, fruits and vegetables in the production process of new products will be widely used in the market, from the production of fruits and vegetables for improving fruit and vegetable production and product quality in many aspects in cold storage on energy saving and emission reduction in advanced management is particularly obvious. The future will continue to have cold storage refrigeration unit cooler new installation technology applied to the market, but also extensive pursuit of equipment in energy saving and emission reduction and the level of automation in order to reduce the corresponding labor cost, brings economic benefits for the cold storage refrigeration market operators and producers of fruits and vegetables etc.. Www.coldline.cn

To improve the low temperature air cooler refrigeration refrigeration installation technology updates are derived from the actual needs of the market and the government for the storage of green people for food safety seriously, combining between production and wholesale of fruits and vegetables, while also increasing its size, the construction of cold chain system brings a more perfect quality assurance for its development the development of cryogenic refrigeration, will get support and constantly update technology vigorously in the future, will be reflected in the investment efficiency of cultivated land, better and more convenient and more green energy saving and environmental protection.

Establish a sound market system of the rapid improvement of refrigeration technology R & D mana new, do cooler refrigeration equipment quality, Shanghai refrigeration cooling fan manufacturers as Xuehu, committed to the cold storage refrigeration industrial cooling technology for industrial cooling fan equipment update and new product research and development work, in order to adapt to the new market demand. The cooling fan quality Xuehu refrigeration equipment to ensure that the two development of cold chain system, establish and improve the low-temperature refrigeration system of rapid improvement.

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