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What needs to be considered when build a meat cold storage?
May 29, 2018

    Meat cold storage is decided to long fresh-keeping preservation for meat products at the temperature of -18~-23℃, some special meat has lower storage temperature, for example beef and tuna can be as low as -35℃. If slaughterhouse, extra acid discharge room and chilled processing room is needed.

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    fresh-keeping duration for meat at different temperature:

    1.Meat can be kept 3-10 days in 0-5℃ fresh-keeping cold storage. 

    2.Meat can be kept longer at temperature of -18℃~-23℃, for 6 months usually. If need to be kept longer ,  then the temperature goes further down, which makes the construction cost and operation cost higher.


    meat cold storage chilling and freezing knowledge:

    1、 frozen poultry

Poultry muscle is more than livestock meat, more prone of deteriorated quality. Therefore, it need airtight composite packaging and transport under -18℃ or lower to avoid fat oxidation, dehydration, bacteria.

    2、livestock meat 

Livestock meat is usually sectioned according to customers or importing country customs and packaged in watertight composite material to avoid dehydration and then put into cartons. Cartons must be sealed, fastened and tagged. Deformation of cartons shall be avoided in freezing, which badly affect visual appearance and effective stacking volume.

    3、frozen fish and aquaculture

Fish and aquaculture has water, protein, fat, minerals, enzyme, vitamins. Protein content is rich and 8 kinds of amino acid necessary for human body.

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