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Cold storage humidity knowledge
Apr 26, 2017

The cold storage refrigeration system mainly includes the cold storage unit, which is the core of the cold storage to ensure the cold source supply. The control device is the brain of the cold storage, which directs the refrigeration system to ensure the cold supply. The common knowledge of the library and the knowledge of humidity and humidification are cold storage facilities which can be controlled and maintained by various equipments. The refrigeration system, the control device, the heat insulation storehouse, the attribute building and so on are the basic components of the cold storage.

Cold storage warehouse is a place to store fresh agricultural products, its role is to maintain the stability of the low temperature environment, the heat insulation performance is usually said to heat preservation. The insulation structure of cold storage room is good, can be maintained to maximize the cooling capacity in cold storage in the refrigerator manufacturing unit less leaked out, in turn, is to reduce the heat leakage to the outside cold storage in cold storage, which is the main difference between cold storage and general housing.

Cold storage is mainly used in food, medicine, machinery, refrigeration and cold storage, which through artificial refrigeration, so that the room to maintain a certain low temperature. The walls, floors and flat top of the cold storage buildings are equipped with a certain thickness of heat insulation material, so as to reduce the external heat transfer. In order to reduce the absorption of solar radiation, the surface of the cold storage wall is generally painted white or light color. Therefore, the cold storage building is different from the general industrial and civil buildings.

Mechanical cold working principle of mechanical cold storage of fruits this way is good in insulation building, equipped with mechanical cold storage unit, and according to the requirements of fruit varieties on the storage temperature, humidity and ventilation, the cold storage system of regulation and control of human, and storage time is longer, the effect is better.

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