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Cold storage cold chain can promote the development of many industries
Apr 26, 2017

In the context of China's big environment, cold storage, cold storage, cold storage with the market demand, the rapid development of the cold chain industry. With the encouragement of the national policy, the national transportation network of fresh agricultural products has entered a period of great development. In a number of industries will promote the rapid development of cold chain logistics.

Since twenty-first Century, the rapid development of Chinese cold chain logistics industry by the end of 2005, the basic completion of the national circulation of fresh agricultural products "two horizontal and five vertical Easy Access" network, low cost of fresh agricultural products transportation network construction nationwide for the first time, the Chinese cold chain logistics refrigeration equipment into a new period of rapid development. Cold chain logistics has the characteristics of complexity, coordination and high cost, which is suitable for the fields of fruits and vegetables, eggs, aquatic products, frozen food, dairy products, flowers, medicine and other fields.

The definition of cold chain logistics is refrigerated goods in the production and processing, storage and transportation and sale of a series of activities, until the consumer before the link is always in a state of low temperature, thus ensuring the product quality, reduce the cold chain cold storage engineering type of product loss. It includes cold storage, refrigeration equipment, logistics and transportation industries.

In the cold chain logistics development planning of agricultural products, due to the policy to encourage enterprises to build cold chain system in the origin and transportation process, encourage fresh food cold chain distribution. Cold chain logistics in China will enter a golden period of development.

The construction of cold storage, refrigeration equipment industry growth rate and so on, are that the development of cold chain logistics industry influence can not be underestimated, but cannot be despised, in the future development of the industry, the industry and the cold chain, upstream and downstream of the cold chain logistics, there will be a better linkage trend.

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