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Castle Peak area to help farmers increase cold storage
Apr 26, 2017

The introduction of cold storage, not only brought great convenience to the villagers, the village collective economy, the more important is to increase the income of the villagers. In 2012, the village has a total of 289 households planting 5 million bags of edible fungus, which letinous edodes has 2 million bags per kilogram, letinous edodes income 0.3 yuan, the highest income 1 yuan in 2012, the villagers only a letinous edodes will increase the income of about 600000 yuan.

"No money, a village, just like a house with no money, before we have the village committee director, but could not do what thing, only anxious." The village Party branch secretary Zhang Hualin said, "last year we not only rent a cold store, will also build the two floor of the restaurant before the end of the weddings and funerals, has organized 3 courses, each has an income of 600 yuan." Since the letinous edodes refrigerator, we no longer from early to late harvest letinous edodes, is really a Huimin project." The previous day is not bright, green mountain village people have to pick up mushrooms letinous edodes, then at dawn when it just picked letinous edodes to the village to buy business, if you miss the time, the price will be lowered. In the village the introduction of letinous edodes refrigerator, to set a fixed point of purchase in the village, can be picked to letinous edodes whenever and wherever possible acquisition, not only convenient for the castle village mushroom people, also attracted a large number of people near the king, dragon mushroom and bamboo, pine ditch, Shuang Xi Kou village.

Letinous edodes cold storage is located in the village of "rich and strong village building". At the end of November 2012, the village of Castle "Fu Min Zhuang Village building top knot, the village committee in accordance with the original plan, signed a lease contract with the purchase and rental, the construction of letinous edodes refrigerator on the first floor, dedicated to the acquisition of letinous edodes village. The new cold storage area covers an area of 226 square meters, the annual refrigeration capacity of up to 35 thousand tons, can hold more than 2000 containers. It is a lug for leading industry realized, the appreciation of the "heavy", a tiaozhe party and the administrative village government pocketbook "Huimin engineering, just 3 months into the village collective economy has brought more than 7 yuan of income, the castle village collective economy to rewrite the history of zero income.

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