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Can we use air conditioner to replace fresh-keeping cold storage?
Dec 15, 2017


    Many customers has the idea of change air conditioner to cold storage, and HaoCool hereby would like to anwer their questions.

    In a word, normal air conditioner cannot change to fresh-keeping cold storage. Why?

    Firstly, the equipment and refrigeration units are different.

    If normal air conditioner changed into cold storage refrigeration units, firstly remove the single direction valve tiny pipe, meantime add these: cold room use evaporator, expansion valve, AC contact, defrost heater, pressure controller, micro controller, liquid accumulator,  dry filter, solenoid valve etc.

    It seems troublesome, better to install a new cold storage for these efforts.


    2. not applicable for low temperature.

    Various structure in air conditioner cannot meet the low temperature environment running . when the temperature is 10℃, the evaporator will result in thick ice, and not function to refrigerate.

    3.Temperature is the key issue.

    Air conditioner can control as to 15℃, while fresh-keeping cold storage is 0℃, the equipment is different so the temperature limits are not.

    4.System running problem

    Normal air conditioner will easily suffer liquid impact, the safe running of air conditioning system can not be neglected. And it is complicated to change system. So normal air conditioner had better to perform its role. Even through the principle of refrigeration for both are similar, but cold storage is a technology-intensive work, customers shall find a reliable and experienced cold storage contractor to do a good planning and design/build to ensure fresh-keeping effect.

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