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BASF to develop low energy consumption refrigeration technology
Apr 26, 2017

The German chemical giant Basf Inc announced the day before, the company is working with the United States Delta Electronics Company developed a new refrigeration technology. Compared with the existing refrigeration technology, the energy consumption can be reduced by 50%, and the utility model is suitable for cooling systems of refrigerators, air conditioners and computers.

The technique utilizes the magnet material is introduced when the temperature field and leave the field after cooling the principle, in the refrigeration process does not need to use the refrigerant gas refrigerator so the technology than traditional compressor refrigerator noise smaller, less vibration.

The partners plan to develop raw materials, cooling systems and generators. BASF is developing a series of chemical compounds such as manganese stabilized materials, these materials not only have the characteristics of small volume expansion and large magnetocaloric effect, and is currently in use than gadolinium metal salt and lower production cost. At present, some economically feasible special materials have begun large-scale production.

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