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Avocado fresh-keeping cold storage installation and construction
Dec 26, 2017

   These years avocado is getting more popular for the nutrition effects. Imported avocado quantity is skyrocketing, and the oneline fresh retailers, fruit importers are paying much attention to it.


    Avocado is used to make salad, appetizer and the sales is good. But it is difficult for dealers to keep it fresh in normal temperature and it turns black once not stored in proper conditions, so it is necessary to build a fresh-keeping cold storage for avocado.

    Generally, how long can avocado be stored?

    medium ripe ones can store 3-5 days, and green avocado can store 5-7 days. The ripeness of avocado influence the freshness and the storage time varies accordingly.

    What about the cold storage temperature for avocado?

    HaoCool suggest that the cool storage temperature for avocado is about 4-8℃,not lower than 4℃ to avoid cold damage. And samely the ripeness influence also the storage time.


    How many space do you need for cold storage of avocado?

    Well it depends on your intended storage quantiy and incoming quantity. Say 30 cubic meters cold storage, we can store about 6 ton avocado. And it can store about 30 days under 4-8℃ temperature.

    And if avocado is sold out and has space available, other fruits can also be stored inside to be made full use of.

    for more information please contact HaoCool freely.

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