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Apple fresh-keeping cold storage cost?
Mar 26, 2018

   Apple fresh-keeping cold storage usually is built in apple growing area, you may ask how much it cost to build one. Different cold storage different per square meter cost. Generally the larger cold storage the smaller per square meter cost. Haocool refrigeration is professional apple fresh-keeping cold storage company, can provide customers cost effective cold storage solutions. Welcome to call and get an answer to your needs.

    Apple fresh-keeping cold storage parameters:

    Fresh-keeping temperature: 0-1℃, relative humidity 90-95%,  carbon dioxide 3%, oxygen 3%, storage can be as long as 150-180 days.


    Apple fresh-keeping cold storage cost factors:

    1. Location and climate. The climate and location will directly be influencing the installment solution and cost.

    2. Floor insulation. Can directly use insulation material fixing, and also the relatively less expensive XPS extrusion plate. The material and thickness leads to different pricing.

    3. Different size different per square meter cost. The larger cold storage the smaller per square meter cost.

    4. Refrigeration equipment cost. Haocool usually use world famous brand and have good balance of performance and cost.

    5. Partition.  The more partition the heavier cost it takes. Because it need more refrigeration equipment and insulation material, which directly influence the whole cost of the apple fresh-keeping cold storage.

    6. Different purpose of cold storage different solution. Apple cold storage can be classified as 2 kinds, one is normal fresh-keeping, the other is controlled atmosphere, which is a bit costlier but with longer fresh-keeping duration, is widely used in fruit industry.


    Notes need to catch attention when store apples:

    1.Choose high quality apple, with medium ripeness and avoid bruise, damage. If apple get rotten it will affect the whole cold storage.

    2.Before entering cold storage, precooling should be done.

    3.Check apple quality at intervals and clean away those rotten.

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